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Cherry Tree Primary School - 65th Anniversary Celebration

Advance Notice
Cherry Tree Primary School and Nursery will be celebrating its 65th Anniversary on Monday, 29th April, 2019.
Some of you will know that Cherry Tree used to be known as Swan Mead and when the school opened to children on 29th April, 1954 it was known as
Swan Mead C. P. School.
 All children and staff are invited to dress in 1950s style.
 1954 was the year Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile; in
celebration of this we will be having a walk or run a mile event in
the morning. Families are invited to come and join staff and
children in taking part in this.
 There will be a tea/coffee morning for adults after the mile event.
 1954 was also the year Fry’s launched their peppermint cream bar
(4d); the children will be making chocolate dipped peppermint
creams to bring home.
 We will be having a street party style picnic lunch.
 There will be other activities for the children to take part in,
including design a school flag.
 Children will be given a gift from the school to commemorate the