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Make a list of all the words that could rhyme with pair.

Create a list in lots of different colours, it can be with different phonemes. It doesn't have to end in 'air' you might think of other words.


Today we are looking at the sound /air/ such as hair, pair, stairs. But there is a different way to spell the air sound 'ere'


there, where, nowhere, somewhere, elsewhere, everywhere.

Can you spell these words and write a sentence with one of these words included?



This week we are going to do something different. We are going to focus on one or two parts of the short film and write ONLY ABOUT THAT PART.

I will give you some guidance to help make this a little easier. 

I want you to watch the first 28 seconds on the film. 

Then I would like 3 sentences all about this part/section of the film. 

Sentence 1: A sound sentence 

(e.g. In the distance I could hear leaves rustling happily, like the tree was dancing)

Sentence 2: A sight sentence

(Something you can see and describe, trees, sky, birds, branch)

Sentence 3: An action sentence

(Describe something that is moving and how it is moving, perhaps nothing is moving)

ROOTED by Utrecht School & Edwin Schaap



Learning how to measure with a ruler. If you can measure things around the house with the ruler that would be great. If not I have 2 links for you to use to test your measurement skills.


1cm = 10mm

2cm = 20mm





We have been looking at forces and experiments. Today I want you to decide whether the test is fair or not and explain how you know by using the word variable.  Then suggest how you can make each test fair.  Look at the scenario cards below and explain your thinking. 



I Am Human - A Book of Empathy, children's book read aloud, is written by Susan Verde with art by Peter H. Reynolds. This kids book read aloud is a sweet rem...