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Our Eco - Councillors


Year 2: Alessia, Kaia

Year 3: Logan, Scott

Year 4: Kelsie, Demi-Lou

Year 5: Evie, Charlie

Year 6: Keitan, Philipa


This year at Cherry Tree the Eco-Council will be continuing our work towards us becoming a Green Flag school.


After completing an environmental review, the Eco- Council identified three areas that the school needs to improve. These three areas are:


· Energy - we need to reduce the amount of electricity we are using.

· Healthy Living - we need to focus on creating and maintaining a healthy body and mind.

· Recycling - we noticed around the school, where more recycling could be done.


Over the academic year, we will be working on these topics to make our school more environmentally friendly.


Keep checking this page for photos and up to date information on our mission to gain Green Flag accreditation.


If you want any more information about Eco-Schools, please visit There is plenty of useful information on their website about how you can help us.

Update February 2022


This half term we have focused our efforts on recycling in the school and are pleased to recognise the efforts of the school community in actively recycling in classes and reprographic areas.  The school also has a battery recycling box that can be used by the whole school community and we are actively asking you to donate your used batteries.  This will further support our continued recycling efforts.

Update November 2021


Over the past two weeks we participated in Switch Off Fortnight which is a whole school initiative to think about how much electricity we are using and ways we can reduce the amount we use. Over the two weeks, we saved 6.06kWh each day. This could lead to us saving over 1183kWh per year which will not only help save the environment and make our school more eco-friendly but also enable us to spend less money on electricity and more on resources and equipment for our school. We are hoping to keep the reduction in electricity going to have the most positive impact possible.


Following our successful Switch Off Fortnight campaign, all classes are asked that they turn off lights, interactive screens and any electronic devices not being used during break time and lunch times.  Eco-Councilors have been tasked with the duty to ensure this happens in their learning areas.


We are going to continue our work on saving electricity as well as working towards our Green Flag accreditation.



Well done to the Eco-Councillors!