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Use - to practise the sound cards using 'Flashcards Time Trials'.


We looked at the sound /oo/. How many words can you think of now, remember to use yesterday's knowledge. 


There is another way to spell the /oo/ sound. You can spell the /oo/ sound with the letter 'u'.


Read these: pull, full, push, bull, bulldoze, pulling, playful, colourful, cheerful. 

Spell these words and then write a sentence with as many as you can. 



This week we have been looking at 'inventors' and 'machines' in English. 

Today I would like you to create/invent your own machine. 

This machine could make anything you would like or do anything you would like. It can be as imaginative as you like! Brainstorm some ideas with somebody in your house about a machine that you would like to invent.

Think about all the things you might need on your machine. A lever, button, switch, door, lift, funnel, bowl, buzzer, a light, a screen.

You need to draw and label your machines. 


Today we will be looking at a third of a shape. One out of three, splitting the shape into 3 equal parts, 1/3.

There are two types of third, being 3rd in a race/competition or a third as in a fraction. Complete the worksheets below.

Religious Education


Today we will be focusing on Mandirs. They are religious places of worship for Hindus. 

I would like you to create a description of the Mandir. Choose one which you like and describe it to me.

- What does it look like?

- What is it near?

- What are the colours?

- What are the shapes or design?


Storytime for kids There's a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart

End the day with a story