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Nursery Busy Bees

Chickenwatch- We now have 3 chicks in the incubator and 2 that have been moved on to food, heat and water in the chick house.

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15th March 2018

Chickenwatch - Our first egg hatched around 6.15pm last night!

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14th March 2018

Some ideas to keep you busy during the snowy weather.


- Make marks in the snow and describe what they have written/drawn.

- Collect a bowl of snow or some icicles and time how long they take to melt.

- Count how many children you can see playing in the snow.

- Encourage your child to look out of your window and describe what they can see.

- Read books everyday.

- Remember to take lots of pictures of you and your family enjoying the snow and send them into our EYFS email address

Our first school trip - A walk to explore our local library. We followed instructions to travel safely along the roads. The libraians' told us how we can borrow books and showed us different types of books. Next we explored the books with parents and staff. Finally we finished a great trip with the libarian reading us some exciting stories.

Computing - Nursery were introduced to the Beebots disguised as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. They used simple algorithms to direct the characters to Grandma's house.

Nursery checked on the growth of the daffodils we planted with parent support and compared them to some daffodils planted last year.

Goldilocks has broken into our nursery and has tried out Miss Farmer's chair! The bumble and honey bees have enjoyed ordering items by length and height. The children have been using the words 'tall' and 'short' to describe their towers. Goldilocks and the Three Bears have also been helping us to create porridge that is "just right".

We have been inspired by 'The Three Little Pigs' this week. We have create 'wolf stew/soup', performed the story in a range of ways,created pigs and houses, made marks relating to the story and sequenced the story.

Christmas festivities

Preparing for and marking Rememberance Day

Firework Fever

Birthday celebrations

Celebrating Diwali

Exploring our favourite nursery rhymes

Marvellous Maths

Enjoying our reading garden