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Practice the ea  join. On paper, practice your handwriting joining these two letters up. Complete 15 of these. 

Yesterday we looked at the /air/ sound being spelt 'ere'. Today we are going to use the same sound /air/ but it will be spelt with 'ear'. You may have came up with some words that had this ending when I asked for rhyming words. 


Read these:

wearing, tear, pear, bear, swear. footwear

Spell these words and create a sentence using 1 or more words from above. 


Watch the clip for the designated amount of time. Then follow my sentence instructions and write 3 sentences for each point in the story. 

Sentence 1: Action sentence

This could be from the truck or the tree. 

Sentence 2: Noticing sentence

This means looking, describing what you can see in detail using adjectives. 

Sentence 3: Imagining sentence

Write a sentence as if you were the 1st tree imagining what to say to the other tree. 


Sentence 1: Smelling Sentence

Write about how the flower smelt.

Sentence 2: Adverb sentence

(slowly, quickly, magically, quietly, smoothly, calmly, softly)

Sentence 3: Feelings sentence

This could be how the trees are feeling watch the 2 humans. 

ROOTED by Utrecht School & Edwin Schaap


We will be focusing on measurement. Remember how much cm and mm are worth. 

1cm = 10mm

10cm = 100mm

Today you need to use the language:

shorter than..

longer than..

same as....


Fill in the blanks 


25cm___________ 22cm

23mm__________ 20cm

2cm___________ 2.5mm



30mm__________ 5cm

4cm___________ 12mm




1m________ 1cm


2m_________ 20cm




What do you know about cars?

Discuss this with an adult, this could be the colours, model, types, what they do, where their made etc. 

When do you think the 1st car was invented?

Then have a look at the PowerPoint below and look through the cars through history. 


Challenge 1 - Label the key differences of the past and present cars

Challenge 2 - Identify similarities and differences and write sentences about the past/present cars.



Lou can do many, many things. But when her friends get the idea to climb a tree, Lou has to muster the courage to join them. Will she climb that tree? Watch ...