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Year 1

Good morning Year 1, unfortunately as Year 1 and 2 has been closed we are offering some work online to help you through today if you wish. At 2pm we will be reading story over Microsoft Teams and would love for you to join us if you can. Any pictures of your work or any questions please direct them to the Year 1 email address: 


From Miss Mayo and Mrs Muller 


Here are some links to websites that may be useful to use today: - practising timestables - spellings 

Money - To identify the physical properties of coins - recognising coins, use this video to look at different coins and their values. 

The Ugly Duckling - Listen to this story of the Ugly Duckling and then answer the question below in the game part. There are lots of brilliant stories on this website so please feel free to choose other stories too. 

Joe Wicks Spiderman workout - here is a great link to Joe Wick's workout. 


Teachers’ Story Time at 2pm - Microsoft Teams

Have a go at logging into Microsoft Teams to join in a story with us and tell us about any learning you may have done at home. It would be a good idea to log on quite early so you have time to reset your password if necessary and to remember how to use the programme. This would be a good opportunity to see your teachers. Remember that your email address is [firstname].[surname] and your password is whatever you set it as during our spring term lockdown. If you manage to log in, the story time session will be on your Calendar to join.

Keeping our eyes healthy with online learning

Whilst you are learning at home, please make use of our year group email ( to send in any evidence of your learning; this way we can see what you have produced and give you some feedback on your work. This email inbox will also be monitored every weekday between 9am-12pm in order to answer any queries you may have about our remote learning activities. We are here to help you, just as we would be in school!