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Week 5 - wb 29.11.21

Week beginning - 15.11.21

Science  -Thursday 23rd September


In science this week, we are looking electrical and non-electrical items. Look around where you live, which items need electricity and which do not? For instance, a table is a non-electrical item. However, a tablet is an electrical item. Sort the items into the grid below. Now, can you sort the electrical items into battery powered or mains electrical items?


Please see the link for more information:










Geography - Friday 24th September


We are currently learning about the Water Cycle. In this lesson, you need to collect all the information on the water cycle and answer the reading comprehension questions.

Watch this informative video about the Water Cycle:


Listen to the water cycle song: The Water Cycle Song - Bing video

Complete the sheet below, labelling the diagram use the key words on the sheet and then completing the extension activity using the key terms.