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Lesson 6:  Can you create an information text on volcanoes?  We would love to see the finished pieces.
Lesson 5:  History and Science link.  Learn all about Pompeii and why Mount Vesuvius is one of the most famous volcanoes of all time.

Lesson 4:  All about volcanoes. 

Read the powerpoint and see if you can label the blank volcano without looking at the answers.

Challenge: Could you create a volcano of your own?

Lesson 3:

The Geography challenge today is to compare England to a European region.  We would like you to focus on the Alps.  Research what the Alps is like and see how many similarities and difference you can find.

Geography Lesson 2:

Plotting a journey.  Many families go on holidays abroad and some have visited many countries.  Watch the video on Amelia Earhart (Link below).  This week's Geography lesson is plotting a journey and using some of the skills we've learnt this year so far to describe it.

Challenge: To complete a fact file on Amelia Earhart.

In Geography, we have been learning to create a holiday brochure for a European country.  The children create brochure in small groups.  They researched them and then wrote about the key places to visit, climate, population and the highlights.  The brochures were excellent and so we decided to continue the theme.  The activity for Geography is to create another brochure, but this time to make it on a country NOT in Europe.  They can choose any country and make in on the computer or on paper (like we did in class).

Good luck- we can't wait to see them.

Mrs Green and Mrs Harvey smiley