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Use - to practise the sound cards using 'Flashcards Time Trials'.

Practice our Common Exception Words : class, grass, pass.

How can we spell /ur/ sound? Create a list of words reviewing some of yesterdays. 

Today we are going to to look at /ur/ sound spelt 'ear'

Read these: learn, pearl, earth, earn, early, rehearsal, search-light, earnest.

Spell them and put one of them in a sentence, remembering tall letters and joins if you remember. 


Watch the video below.

Write a diary entry as if you were the boy fox. Write the diary entry about the first day (from 0:05 - 1:23)

In the diary include what happened, how you were feeling and what you would like to happen. 

Here's some sentence starters to help you. 

Dear diary, 

Today the strangest thing happened.....

I hope my tail.....

I felt so...... when.......

Then......knocked on the door......

I felt.....

I wonder.......

I wish.......

Love from Fox 



Miss Trigg's Example

Dear diary, 

Today the strangest thing happened whilst I was gazing out the window. My tail has a mind of it's own, as i was looking out the window at the adorable, kind girl fox,  my tail swished on the canvas and painted her! I couldn't believe my eyes! I hope my tail doesn't do this tomorrow, I feel so embarrassed that I painted her. She sure is pretty, she had a golden yellow dress and looked like a daffodil. I felt so content watching her this morning, I could feel my heart beat in my chest it was beating to a funky rhythm...........................

Brush: A Fox Tale Animated Short Film

Brush: A Fox Tale An animated short film by Willi Anton & Faustina Arriola


We have focused on fractions of amount this week looking at halves and thirds. Today we are going to look at quarters, 1 quarter, 2 quarters and 3 quarters. 

First, write the 4 x tables from 0-40. Start at 0, add 4, write down number you land on, add 4, write the number you land on... until you get to 40!


Once you have completed that, you need to complete these calculations.

What is ¼ of 8?

So remember, you take the number (8) and you split it into 4 equal groups, the answer will be the amount in 1 group. As I am looking for ONE quarter. 

What is ¼ of 16?

What is ¼ of 4?

What is ¼ of 28?

What is ¼ of 36?

What is ¼ of 20?



What is 2/4 of 20?

What is 2/4 of 8?

What is 2/4 of 24?


Extra Challenge 

What is 3/4 of 28?

What is 3/4 of 12?

What is 3/4 of 40?

Religious Education 

Firstly, what place is special to you? Have a think, you might want to draw this special place and describe why it is special to you. 

Today we are going to look at a special place for Christians.  Follow the PowerPoint for information and activities.


The Secret of Black Rock

Finish the learning with a story.