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Year 4

School Closure

Unfortunately, school is closed until further notice. Home Learning packs were sent home on Friday 20th March, including some games for you to play together, but for those of you at home seeking extra learning opportunities, we will be uploading resources to the website on a weekly basis. Here are some ideas you can do together at home:

  • Read a book. You can take turns to read to each other, using a range of texts: fiction, non-fiction, websites, newspaper articles and any others you can think of.
  • Practise your times tables. Your login details for Times Table Rock Stars should be in your Reading Record or Homework Book.
  • In your home learning pack, there is a piece of paper with Year 3/4 words. Practise these. Can you include them in a sentence?

***New resources on BBC Bitesize*** 


If you do wish to contact us, we have set up an email address for each year group where parents can ask questions, send us examples of the children's work or simply let us know how the children are getting on. 

This email address is: We will be checking the inbox regularly and look forward to hearing from you. We will also be uploading different activities to this webpage on a weekly basis so do check back regularly.


Remember that learning about yourself, your family and the wider world around you is also essential. Take time to look after yourself, and your family, both physically and mentally. Have you taken time to be mindful? Have you completed physical excercise? Are you looking after yourself and your family the best way that you can?


We hope to hear from you or see you soon.

Miss Huggins & Miss Stewart

Useful Websites for Home Learning

Learning safely at home.

Times tables Rock Stars -

This is a great website for practising times tables and related division facts. You can set up battles, challenge friends and even challenge some of the teachers!

Phonics Play -

This website is used regularly in school phonics lessons and is now free to access at home while schools are closed, using the login details provided on the homepage when you enter the site.

White Rose Maths -

White Rose is the scheme we use for teaching maths. The company have kindly opened this site to provide sessions that can be used at home and resources to accompany them, as well as daily live feeds to answer questions from children and parents/carers and show examples of how to approach various aspects of maths.

Purple Mash

Oxford Owl

Magic Keys 

Maths Shed


National literacy trust - family zone.


Home learning (please see below for relevant documents):

Week One:


English and maths are attached below (read the first part of the story and addition mosaic).

For science, we would like you to design your own dragon. Make sure to describe these things: habitat, diet (food that it eats and herbivore/carnivore/omnivore), where it would fit within a food web, adaptations (e.g. does it have claws for hunting?) and personality (what kind of creature is it?).



English and maths are attached below (past and present/multiplication mosaic).
For History, we would like you to research a king or queen and create a fact file about them.



English and maths are attached below (missing punctuation and addition/subtraction challenge cards)

For PE, we would like you to generate your own dragon dance or yoga poses.



English and maths are attached below (sequencing sentences and multiplication challenge cards)

For art, we would like you to design a dragon for every season (attached below).



English and maths are attached below (adding the suffix -ly and mixed problems)

For RE, we would like you to research different Easter traditions around the world.

Week Two:


English and maths are attached below (complete the crossword and Spring maths booklet).

For Geography, we would like you to research Wales. You could consider Welsh traditions, mountains and beaches, the Welsh language, traditional foods and the symbolism of the Welsh dragon.



English and maths are attached below (complete the wordsearch and your Spring maths booklet).
For Art, we would like you to experiment with some Easter origami! Instructions are included below. We would love to see some photographs of your creations and you are welcome to send them via the year group email.



English and maths are attached below (complete the reading comprehension task and your Spring maths booklet)

For DT, we would like you to have a go at the Lemon Drizzle cake recipe below and then enjoy tasting it afterwards! Again, we would love to see some pictures of how they turn out smiley.



English and maths are attached below (complete the reading comprehension and your Spring maths booklet)

For Music, we would like you to write your own Easter song or rap and perform it for someone else. Who can you get to take part?



English and maths are attached below (complete the poetry comprehension and your Spring maths booklet)

For computing, we would like you to create a game about dragons! The princess needs to rescue the knight from a dragon. Suggested websites/apps:


Easter Holiday Activities


Hello everyone, we hope you are doing well, keeping safe and enjoying time spent with your families the best you can. We have put together some ideas for activities you could do over the Easter break below and hope that you have fun doing them. Please remember that you can email use with any questions, work that you have completed or just to let us know how you are getting on by using our email address: We will be checking it regularly and hope to hear from you soon.

Take care,

Miss Stewart and Miss Huggins smiley


STEM Challenges (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) (supporting resources are included below)

This website has a wealth of activities and investigations that can be done at home. Our favourites are: Float a superhero, baking soda powered boat and gummy bear science experiment (could use any gummy sweets). 

Wonderful Wormery

Use the supporting resources below to create your very own wormery. You can observe them over time afterwards to see how they move and survive. We would love to see some pictures if you make one!

Construct a Bridge

Begin by researching famous bridges around the world-can you use their shapes and designs to inspire your design? Perhaps you think that you could design something even better! Then use the supporting materials to build and test your own.

Area of a Leaf

Collect leaves from your garden or on your daily outdoor exercise. Use the materials to help you find the area of them. Research the leaves of a Raffia Palm and Amazonian Water Lily then compare them to the ones you found. Could you also create a piece of artwork using the leaves gathered?

Lego Calendar

Use the calendar below to inspire your Lego creations. Perhaps you would like to set your own challenge for your friends in class? Email your ideas to us and we will include them here for everyone to try!

Rocking Rollercoaster (supporting materials below)

Who hasn't always wanted to have their very own theme park? Well here is your chance to design a rollercoaster yourself. Use the supporting materials to help you plan, build and test your ideas. Be creative with the materials you use-some ideas could be Lego, K'Nex, recycling materials or even natural objects such as sticks and rocks. It could be interesting to ask members of your family join in and see who can engineer the best creation!



Thinking Outside of the Box (supporting materials below)

Use these resources to develop your thinking skills. Try to discuss your thoughts and ideas with someone else, if you can. Remember, there can often be more than one answer.

Art Outdoors (supporting resources below)

These activities could take place in your garden, balcony or on your Be as creative as you can and don't forget to send in some photographs of your wonderful creations!