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Welcome to Reception

On this page you will find the home school diary updates as well as lots of information about what we are up to. There will also be some fun websites for you to try at home.

EYFS Staff - World Book Day

World Book Day


On Friday 4th of March we held a World Book Day. We all dressed up as our favourite book characters and did lots of fun activities about books and story telling.

We have been doing lots of work on The Very Hungry Caterpillar, on World Book Day we ordered the story and then used the story pattern to create our own story. Ours was called 'The Very Hungry Tadpole', we drew pictures and used them to tell the story with actions. Then we wrote our new story.

British Values Week

This week we are celebrating the Queen's Birthday and St. George's day by having a British Values week. We have learnt about the 5 British Values and have been exploring them in class.
We leant about the briish Value of Democracy, we know that it means to all have a vote and that all opinions are valued. We displayed the results in a pictogram.

Wheels week - 27.6.16

During wheels week we brought our own wheels in from home, we loved racing and exploring the different types of wheels we brought in.

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