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Use - to practise the sound cards using 'Flashcards Time Trials'.


Write the word 'who' and 'whole' - use lots of colours, write it in the sky, write it backwards.

We looked at the sound /ar/ yesterday, like car, star, far. We are going to look at this sound again

but with a different spelling. We are going to spelling the /ar/ sound with the letter 'a'.

Read these: father, path, rather, last, past, class, branch, father, after, 

Spell the words and make a sentence with as many words as you can. 

Extension: Can you add a contraction to your sentence (don't, won't, couldn't, shouldn't)



Today we will be thinking about Fairy Tales. I wonder what ingredients you would have to use for each character in a fairy tale.  Choose one of the characters below and create a recipe of things you would need to make that character. 

You could choose a recipe to make:

Little Red Riding Hood

Big Bad Wolf

Jack and the Beanstalk




Create a recipe for one of these characters.


Miss Trigg's Example

How to make the Big Bad Wolf 

You will need: 2 bags of fur, 4 sharp teeth, 2 spoonfuls of anger, a pinch of salt, 2 dragon scales, a dollop of evil, a sprinkle of smelliness, a wooden spoon, a big cauldron and a whisk.


First place the bags of fur into the cauldron and put on a high heat.

Next whisk the spoonfuls of anger into the cauldron, be careful it doesn't bubble.

After that, carefully add in the sharp teeth.

Then dollop in the evil and whisk rapidly for 3 minutes. 

Now turn the cauldron on low so it can simmer gently. 

With a wooden spoon stir in the salt and dragon scales. 

After, sprinkle in the smelliness and be sure to stir quickly with the wooden spoon. 

Finally, pour the mixture into the woods and wait 5 days for the Big Bad Wolf to appear. 

Red Miss Take

Watch this video to help with your English work.



Today we will be working on fractions and looking at 1/4 (One quarter)

This means 1 out of 4 parts. If you split a shape into 4 EQUAL parts. You need to shade or colour in the shape so i shows that onl 1/4 is shaded. 


Today we will be looking at the Vikings. Read through and view the PowerPoint together. Learning about how the Vikings travelled to other countries. Once you have viewed the PowerPoint. Make a Viking Longship using your new knowledge on the Vikings. 

"Because" by Mo Willems (read by Von Morgan)