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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


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Learning Together

Please see below for our weekly learning together sheets. These sheets contain the 'Talk Homework' that must be completed each week. They also provide some handy tips and information to support your child's learning at home.


Homework will be handed out and uploaded to this page every Friday. This must be returned to school no later than the following Wednesday.

Homework - 10/6/16 - summer 2 week 1

Homework - May Half Term

Homework 20.5.16 Summer 1 Week 6

Sport Relief

A big Well done to Brooklyn who ran 1 mile to school today to help raise money for the Sport Relief charity..

Congratulations to some of our staff too who also ran to work. Some ran from Southend!

Sport Relief

Well done to the children below for getting 10 out of 10 on their spelling test!

Kayte, Aniyah, Joshua, Hikmat, Kanyinsola and Enoch.


Well done to the children below for getting 13 out of 13 on their time table test!

Olivia, Bailey, George, Joshua, Aniyah, Kanyinsola, Mandy, Kayte, Nellie-Anne, Chloe, Joey, Hikmat, Enoch , Brooklyn, David and Dean.


Year 2 have been learning about staying healthy.

This week we have learnt how we can prevent germs spreading! we carried out three activities to help us with our understanding.

1. We recapped how to wash our hands properly! Top tip; use warm water, soap and don't forget to wash your thumbs!

2. We used spray bottles to show us how far a sneeze can travel if we do not put our hand or tissue over our mouth... It was not pleasant!

3. We used hand wash as our pretend germs and were set the task of touching as many different objects in the classroom as possible in 30 seconds.

I think it is safe to say as a result of our lesson we have all become germ preventers!


Year 2 are currently busy preparing for Chinese New Year! We are in the process of making a chinese dragon ready for our parade next Wednesday. As a class we discussed suitable coulours for our dragon and how we should move it during the parade.