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Year 6

Please check here regularly for reminders, updates, curriculum information and photos.


9.45 am All out on our last few activities. 

Day 3 - 7.00 am

All asleep by 1 o’clock this morning. Amazingly, all children are currently still asleep. Could this actually be a chance for the adults to have a cup of tea uninterrupted? 

End of day 2 - Another day packed full of activities. All asleep by 12.30 last night; we would be happy with the same again! 
9.20pm we've had a lovely day of activities. The children have enjoyed our evening circus skills workshop and we have just had hot chocolate before bed.


We have arrived and settled into our rooms. We are,of course, looking forward to lunch more than anything and will begin our activities after that.

Evacuee Day!

As part of our learning about World War 2, we had an evacuee day where we were able to experience what it was like to be evacuated. We dressed up as evacuees and spent a day exploring life during WW2. We even had a visit from a gentleman evacuated to Cornwall!

Home Learning 

Porridge - End of Year Production

03 Once Upon A Crime.mp3

19 The Porridge Pot.mp3

37 Boys In Blue.mp3

44 Its Up To You.mp3

46 While The World Is Sleeping.mp3

57 Happy Ever After.mp3