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 There are 64 Common Exception Words to learn before the end of year 2. 

They are called Common Exception Words, because there are letters in the word that does not make the correct sound, so you cannot sound it out and spell it. They are words you just need to know!


Here are 10, why don't you try and spell them. Then focus on the ones your spelt incorrect. 

1. plant

2. path

3. bath

4. hour

5. move

6. prove

7. improve

8. sure

9. sugar

10. eye



Yesterday you designed and labelled your own machine, you are an inventor. 

Now all inventors must have instructions for using their machines. So today I need you to write instructions to make your machine work. Give me the step by step guidance on how to operate the machine. Think of 'bossy verbs' (imperative verbs) that you could use to help with your instructions. Here are a few : press, put, switch, flick, place, open, turn, twist, grab, mix, get. 



Today we will be focusing on thirds. You will need to take your time and discuss your answers as I have put in thinking questions. 


Extra learning for adults to have a look at :



Exploring changes. Today you are going to explore the changes that animals go through in their life time. This is called a life cycle. 

Think about change, and how the animals change.

Then think about your life and what has changed (new house, new school, new teacher, new friends, new family, new clothes, games you like, tv shows you like)

Story Time: TADPOLE'S PROMISE by Jeanne Willis