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**NEW** Summer 2

Lesson 1 - What do you need to take on a hot holiday. Think about how you are going to protect yourself from the sun.

Lesson 2 - Sort the animals into whether they are a mammal, fish or bird.

Lesson 3 - Draw a poster which help people save the turtles.

Lesson 4 - Create a seasons poster or picture. What is the weather like in each season? How do the trees and flowers change?

Lesson 5 - Go on a wild flower hunt. Which flowers can you find? Use the checklist to help you identify them.

Summer 1
Please choose a challenge of learning. In each challenge you will find the same 6 lessons, just different activities. These can be completed over a series of weeks. If you cannot print these activities then please use them as a guide and create your own activities based on the learning. If you can print then please send a photo of your learning to the Year 1 email.

Practical Science activities

Please find below additional science activities and experiments that you can complete with your child if you would like to.