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Read these words: bath, class, floor, many, pass, only, both, steak, should, plant, whole and everybody. 


For each of the words below, I would like you to make a sentence (for each word).

1. bravely 

2. dangerously 

3. foolishly 

4. happily 

5. loudly 

6. proudly 

7. suddenly 


Using your plan from yesterday, write your story including the pigeon. 

Remember you need to ensure your story is exciting you can make it exciting by:

- Using -ly adverbs 

- Using adjectives (colour, size, shape, feel, behaviour)

- Using a range of conjunctions so your sentences are different ( and, but, yet, so , because, when, that, if)

- Using a simile to compare ( Her hair was like the sun, golden and shimmering/ His eyes were as black as the night sky)



Remember to read your sentence before moving on to the next one. 


Use BBC bitesize for your daily lesson. If you would like more, why don't you try Oak Academy. If you want to get your body and brain in check, remember you can use 'Supermovers' to do this.

Foundation Subject


Use BBC bitesize for your 1 topic lesson a day, this might include; history; geography; languages; science; art or RE. Remember you can always look back to other days if you prefer a different foundation lesson. All the lessons are saved onto the website for you to look at again.