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Phonics /SPaG

Use and play 'Flashcards Time Challenge' to recall all the sounds. 

Then practise spelling 'Mr' 'Mrs'

Review the sound /ear/ - How many words can you think of ? (Examples: fear, near)

There is an alternative way to spell the /ear/ sound. Can you read these words that have 'ere' making the /ear/ sound. 

here, mere, severe, interfere, adhere. 

Read them, spell them and then choose one to put into a sentence. 



 Watch the video below.

Then create a drawing/picture of somebody who you love. Somebody who is kind to you. 

Then write a short description about this person. 

What's there name? What do they look like? What do they do that makes you happy? Why do you love them?

Somebody who is special to me is___________.

They have_______ and they have _________.

I am happiest when they_________.

I love them because__________.


Miss Trigg's example:

Somebody who is special to me is my mum. She has soft, short black hair that reminds me of a Jaguar's fur. She has ocean blue eyes that sparkle like the shimmering sea and she wear long, flowy dresses. 

I am happiest when she cooks me my favourite dinner. I love her because she cares for me and makes sure I am happy first. 

Brush: A Fox Tale Animated Short Film

Brush: A Fox Tale An animated short film by Willi Anton & Faustina Arriola


Today we are going to look at equal and unequal. What do you think this means?


Activity 1: Use different colours to show how this shape can be split into equal parts. How many ways can you find?


Activity 2: Can you make some of your own representations of equal and unequal parts? Using things in your house: pasta, counters, cars, teddies, pens. Sort them into groups. 


Activity 3: How can you split these representations. 



In this session you are going to focus on pushes and pulls. These are types of forces. 

There are 2 types that can sort objects into, whether you need to push them to make them work or pull them. Maybe you can use both on some objects.

Watch the clip, and see which pushes and pulls you can identify. 


Sort these images into 'pushes' and 'pulls'

Be Kind | A Children's Story about things that matter

At the end of all the learning, finish with a story.