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Wb 26/04/2021

This  week we are multiplying. We are using equipment to make arrays, drawing arrays and exploring commutative law.


This week in Maths we have been looking at subtracting  two 3-digit numbers from each other using column method. When subtracting using column method, ensure you start with the one's column. Remember that if you are subtracting a smaller digit from higher digit, you need to exchange from the next column first .

subtracting two 3-digit numbers

subtracting two 3 digit using word problems


This week in Maths we have been looking at adding  two 3-digit numbers together using column method. When adding using column method, ensure you start with the one's column. Remember that the highest digit in a column is 9. If it is higher than 9 you need to regroup an exchange into the next column.

Adding two 3- digit numbers

Adding two 3-digit numbers with exchange

Monday 4/01/21

Today you will be revisiting place value. Below is a powerpoint to help you with the activity.

Make sure you are looking at each column and are using the pictures of the dienes to help you work out the answers.

Friday 18/12/20

Today you will be looking at how to tell the time. Below you will find a video to help you understand the role of the short hand (hour hand) and the long hand (minute hand).

Once you have watched the video there is a powerpoint presentation. Ensure you view the presentation in slide mode, so you can interact when the questions being asked.

Pick one worksheet to complete that you feel confident with. We look forward to seeing your work!

Thursday 17/12/20

Today you will be looking at fractions. Below is a video, to help you understand what a whole, half and quarter is. Then you should be able to complete the worksheet.

Remember when you are looking at fractions they must have equal parts. So half of a cake has two equal parts.



Wednesday 16/12/20

Today I would like you to identify some 2D and 3D shapes. Below are some videos to help you with what 2D and 3D shapes are. Once you have watched these videos, pick the activity sheet that you feel confident with.


Tuesday 15/12/20

Today will we be looking at adding 2-digit numbers that do not need regrouping. Remember when you are adding 2 digit numbers both the ones and tens column are going to change.

Once you are confident with challenge 2, I would like to see how good you all are with explaining the answers to challenge 3.

Adding 2-digit numbers

Monday 14/12/20

Today we will continue to look at identifying patterns involving addition and subtraction. There are four different challenges for you to pick from. Once you have mastered one of the challenges see if you can complete the nest one too!


Challenge 1

You need to fill in the missing part of the calculation. First you need to decide if it is a addition or a subtraction and then work out the missing number.


Challenge 2

Complete the calculations. What similarities and differences do you notice? Ensure you use mathematical language.


Challenge 3

You need to spot the pattern in the numbers. Once you have done this, you can pick your own 3-digit number and recreate your own.


432      434      454      654

Look at the starting number, 432 and the second number, 434. What do you notice that is the same and what is different?

The ones column is different.

Now, look at the second and third numbers, 434 and 454. What do you notice that is the same and what is different?

The ones column is the same but the tens column is different.

Do you notice anything similar between the increase in the ones column and the tens column?


Challenge 4

If you are feeling confident try and answer the always, sometimes and never questions. You need to justify your answer.


Idenifying patterns (Monday)