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Focus on the 'ai' join for handwriting, both the 'a' and the 'i' should be the same size, as they are both little letters and do not have an ascender or descender. Practice this 10 times. 

How many words can you think of which have the 'ai' spelling? Make a list of all the words you can think of. (Spain, rain, pail etc.)

Today we are going to look at the alternative spelling for /ai/ sound. Instead of 'ai' the spelling we are focussing on is the split a diagraph 'a-e' the dash is for another letter to take place. 


came, shame, shake, base, amaze, escape, same, fame, lake, make. 

Spell these words and then write an exciting sentence using 2 or more words from this word list. 



Watch the clip for the correct amount of time. Then write three sentences using my guide below. 

Sentence 1: Starting with 'As...'

This could be:

As the seasons changed...

As the days passed...

Sentence 2: Action sentence

Describe a movement or action. 

Sentence 3: Use a question mark in your sentence. 

Think of a question one of the trees might be asking in their head. 


Sentence 1: Noticing sentence 

Describing what you can see. 

Sentence 2: Feeling sentence

 How is the girl tree feeling after seeing the people.

Sentence 3: Using 'when' in a sentence. 


ROOTED by Utrecht School & Edwin Schaap

Maths Game


I would like you to spend some time practicing this game, which will help with your Math skills.





Today you will be giving instructions to get from Little Red Riding Hood's House to Grandma's house. 

Then you will be looking at the position of food. 

Finally you will be drawing some shapes in the correct space. 

Religious Education


Today we are learning all about Hinduism and their place of worship. They worship in a Mandir. 

However, Christians worship in a church. These are special places for people who follow these religions. 

Below is a video, showing you round a Mandir, teaching you new things about this religion. 


Once you have watched the video, I want you to look at the PowerPoint and see if you can find out about some of the items inside a Mandir. 

Visiting a Mandir (Hindu Temple) | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Hinduism

Extension of RE task

Can you fill in the gaps?

Use these words below to fill in the gaps

The Hindu Story of Rama and Sita |

Finish the learning with a story.