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Nursery Busy Bees

If your child is absent from nursery, please scroll down to find ideas for home learning (remote learning).  

Favourite food week - We chose our favourite filling, described the order of making a sandwich and followed our own instructions, using a butter knife safely too!

Exploring shapes and numbers.

Building using a range of resources.

The busy bees have been getting imaginative in and around nursery.

Creative table - We have been exploring paint in a range of ways and collaging this half term.

We have been sharing books with adults, friends and independently!

Mark making!

We have been enjoying exploring the musical instruments and dancing in nursery.

Learning at Home (Remote Learning)


Choose a story to read with an adult (this can be an online) and discuss:

- What was your favourite part of the story, and why?

- Who was your favourite character?


Can you make marks/draw a picture of your family?


Sing and learn some nursery rhymes.


Here are useful websites to help with learning at home:

Topmarks (Early Years) -

PhonicsPlay (Phase 1) -