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Challenge 3

Lesson 1 - Identify living and non-living things.

Lesson 2 - Think about what an animal needs to be able to stay alive. Does it need food, water, exercise, cuddles. Write what the animal needs to be able to stay alive around the animals.

Lesson 3 - Write how each animal is suited to its habitat, is it because they camouflage, can swim in water, can use their trunk to pick up logs?

Lesson 4 - Think about what a Lemur needs in its habitat to survive. Draw a picture of the habitat then write about it. For example they need tall trees, fruit, a lake to drink from.

Lesson 5 - sort animals into whether they are herbivores - eat grass, carnivores - eat meat, or omnivores - eat both. 

Lesson 6 - Food chains. Think about which animals eat what. Create a food chain based on this. The sun will be at the start as that makes grass grow or fruit grow.