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Use - to practise the sound cards using 'Flashcards Time Trials'.


Learn the word 'looked', write it in the air, write it in swirly letters, write it in a shape box. 

The sound /ar/ such as car, market. Can you think of anymore? Make a list. 

There is a different way to spell this sound /ar/ it is spelt 'al'

Read these: half, calm, palm, almond, calf, qualm.

Then try spelling these words, can you write a sentence using one or more words?


This week in English we will be focusing on the short animation 'Red Miss Take'

Watch the short animation before completing the work. 

Today you will write instructions for using the machine using temporal words (time words: first,  second, then, next, after that, finally, lastly).

Think about how the machine moves. Do you need to open anything? Pour, mix, whisk, pump, press.

Watch the video closely looking at the machine. 

Red Miss Take

Watch this video, watching how the machine works.



Finding half of a shape. 

Today you will be focusing on different shapes and finding half of the shape. Use the documents provided and shade half of the shapes. I have split some of the shapes for you. 

A half is two equal parts of an objects that is the same size. See image below to help you.



Today you are going to become scientists and test forces. You will need to think about how you can make the 'mouse' fly. How can you make it fly higher? Do you need to change anything?

Scientists always think about what is going to happen, before they test.

Then they test their question or idea.

Then they collect results. 

Once they have collected results, they might want to change a part of their experiment.


’When I do this … the mouse … then it … because …’  Explain that the movement of the flying mouse is caused by a force being exerted on the milk carton. When they squash the carton (change its shape), the carton squashes the air from inside the carton and the air is pushed out of the carton. This then pushes the mouse into the air. Why doesn’t the mouse stay in the air?

How can we make the mouse travel further? Collect ideas of what could be changed (different size milk containers, different size mice, mice made from different materials, the angle they aim the container, using different kinds of containers),

Dragons Love Tacos

Why do Dragons love tacos so much? Dragons Love Tacos, story by Adam Rubin, illustrated by Daniel Salmieri. A read aloud by librarian Jeff Paulson