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Use - to practise the sound cards using 'Flashcards Time Trials'.

Practise spelling 'find' 'kind'

Review sound of /ear/ and the 2 ways we know how to spell the sound.  Can you name some? 

There is another way to spell the /ear/ sound, 'eer'.

steer, cheer, veer, steer, career.

Can you read, spell and write a sentence using these words. You may be able to think of more, you could add a suffix like 'ing' or 'ed'. 


 Once you have watched the video. 

I would like you to write a conversation between the Foxes. You can name the Foxes if you like. They need to say at least 4 lines each to each other. This could be when the girl fox offers a cookie at the door.

Fox 1: ________

Fox 2:________

Fox 1:_________

Fox 2:_________

Fox 1:_________

Fox 2:_________

Fox 1:_________

Fox 2:_________


The conversation could include facts and opinions. It could include questions, exclamations or a statements. Remember the boy fox is a little nervous. Once you have written your conversation, use drama and act it out with someone you live with at home. This could be mum, dad, brother, sister, nan, grandad, aunt or uncle -anybody who lives with you! When your acting, maybe use a different voice and speak clearly. 

Brush: A Fox Tale Animated Short Film

Brush: A Fox Tale An animated short film by Willi Anton & Faustina Arriola



Maths starter: On a piece of paper, count in your 2s and write them down. Stop when you get to 30. Remember to start at zero.

Today we will be looking at 'fractions'

A fraction is:  any part of a group, number or whole.

half, third and quarter are fractions, when we split something in half we split it into 2 groups. 

Today I would like you to find half of a number.  This is the symbol for half = ½

It is the same as dividing.


What is ½ of 10?

What is ½ of 12?

What is ½ of 4?

What is ½ of 24?

What is ½ of 36?

What is ½ of 14?

What is ½ of 18?

What is ½ of 8?

What is ½ of 22?

What is ½ of 90?


You may want to draw the groups, use cubes, cars, counters or any apparatus to help you learn. 

TOP TIP: For something to be shared equally   there has to be the same number in each group. 


Todau's focus will be on transport.


1. How many forms of transport can you name? Create a list of all the modes of transport. 


2. Work your way through the PowerPoint with time for discussion. 


3. Sort/order the images from oldest-newest. 


The Invisible String By Patrice Karst |

Once all the learning is complete, end the day with a story.