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Summer 2

Over this summer term, we are going to be looking at communication over time. 

Task - you will need to create a project to show how communication has changed in history over time. Over this year we have looked at the Victorians and the 'Charge of the Light Brigade' and how communication failed.

Can you find any other situations in history that were like this?

How did communication change between the Victorians era to WWII ? - Don't forget there was WWI to look at too.

How have communications changed in the 20th Century? 


In week 5 and 6 put together a document of all the information you have collected. Think about how you want this to look such as:

Non-chronological report

large A3 sheet of information




History communication timeline

Summer 1

Over the next three weeks research as much information as you can about 'The Globe Theatre'. In week 4 you are going to be creating an information text using all the information you have learnt. Below are some websites and information you could use to help you.

Have fun!! 

More information to help with your History project

The Globe Thearter