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w/b 04.05.20.

This week we would like you to complete the Oak academy English unit please.  It begins on Monday with a reading comprehension and then continues on to a setting description, using the book as a model text.  The writing feature focus is figurative language.  I look forward to reading your finished pieces, remember you can email them into myself and Mrs Harvey and we will read them. 

Have fun with the work and bonus points if you can include the word smog of any of the spelling words in your piece.

03.04.20.  Today's English activity is another Pobble 365 picture.  This time it is going on vacation with a superhero.  Write your story and then share it with us.  There are some resources below.  Feel free to use them.

We can't wait to see a story that is heroic and out of this world.  smiley

Mrs Green and Mrs Harvey

02.04.20:  Today's English activity is to perform the speech you created yesterday.  We completed a performance of our poems and learnt about how to project our voice and use it to create tone and expression.  Practice it a few time and then perform it, either to your parents/family or record it and send it to us.  

Mrs Green and Mrs Harvey

Resources for the Speech performances.


During the last couple of weeks at school, we looked at Speech writing and in particular Neville Chamberlain's speech announcing the beginning of the War.  We looked at formal language and formal vocabulary.  Today's writing task is to write your own formal speech explaining that War has begun.  Use the speech and the other support sheets to help you.

Don't forget, you can share them with us by emailing them to us.

Mrs Green and Mrs Harvey.

31.03.20 English reading comprehension and the answers from yesterday. Today's writing is a Grammar paper. Answers for both will be uploaded tomorrow.


Today's activities for English are below.  Please remember, if you would like to share your work with us, or if you need any help, your parents can email us.

Today you have a reading comprehension, we will upload the answers tomorrow.