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Click on the link to complete 4 different maths lessons online.
The following activity pages will require you to have a protractor. You can use either a semi-circular protractor or a full circular protractor.  

Measure and order angles-

This activity pag has three different levels of difficulty. Page 1and 2 mild, pages 4 and 5 are medium and page 7 and 8 are hot!!!!

Choose your heat and off you go smiley

Now it's time for some worded maths problems for you to solve.
Here are some multiplication worded problems for you to solve.
Plan your day at the Twinkl theme park. What time will you get there? How much money will you need? What activities will you do? How many hours will you be at the theme park in total?

Week beginning 22/06/2020

Here are some consolidation tests for you to complete
Remember to click on the links above (w/b 29.6.2020) to complete some aditional maths activities, BBC Bitesize, TTRS and Top Maths games.

We have not covered percentage as yet in year 5, so please don't be to worried about those questions. You can skip over them.

You can use this formula to help you, if you wish to give it a go.

(Number)÷ 100 x percent.

For example.

15% of 30 = 

30 ÷ 100 x 15 = Answer