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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Our spelling superstars this week are...

Shreyansh, Michael, Savannah, Lauriana, Erin, Hayden, Andrew, Younus, Annie and Shreyansh!

Well done for scoring full marks on your spelling test!


Our number bonds superstars this week are...

Savannah and Grace!

Well done for scoring full marks on your number bond test!


Our seasons project winners are...

Summer and Hayden!

Thank you to everyone who entered - there were some great projects and we were thrilled to see how much effort the children put into them. A special mention goes to Andrew, Charlie, Aaron, Erin, Morgana, Grace, Savannah, Rhys S and Sienna who were all close contenders for the prize!



This half term the creative challenge is to make a seaside project. This can be any seaside focus, in any format e.g. structure, picture, model etc. We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


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Learning Together

Please see below for our weekly learning together sheets. These sheets give you some handy tips and information to support your child's learning at home.


Please see below for the weekly homework. This includes a phonics focus, maths activities, spelling lists, information about what is happening in the classroom and other suggested activities.

KS1 Science Workshop

Church visit

Learning about Christian homes
Singing a song
Having a dance!
Listening to a story
Exploring the church

Pirate boats

Still image for this video
We made pirate boats out of a range of materials including straws, lollipop sticks, bubble wrap and foil. We then tested our boats by putting 'pirate treasure' inside! They had to hold 40 coins!

World Book Day!

Our favourite books
Thomas the Tank Engine!
Dressing up as book characters
Harry Potter
Watching Snow White
Describing characters
Collaging the characters

We have been exploring pitch in class. We first practised using our voices, then used instruments to change the pitch. We had to decide if the pitch was getting higher or lower.

Changing pitch
Exploring notes
Listening carefully
Playing Jack's Game

Shared reading with Year 3 Green

We held a story event and got to come back to school in our pyjamas! We read lots of different books, drank hot chocolate and had a cookie. It was lots of fun!

Aliens Love Underpants!
The Gruffalo!
Where are you going to little brown mouse?
A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark woods
Shark in the Dark

Year 1 have been experimenting using different equipment to melt ice. They discovered that using heat will melt the ice quickly.

Using a hairdryer
Using cold water
Warming it with our hands
Using the hob

Chinese dragon making!

We found sabre-tooth tiger footprints in the playground. We went searching for the tiger and have begun to write instructions on how to capture one!

Counting the prints
Following the prints
Investigating what has happened
Look what we found!
Where could it be?
Maybe he has gone down here...

We carried out an experiment to see which material would keep hot water the warmest. We then used our results to design a waterproof tent to take to the Antarctic. We had to make sure it would keep an explorer warm and dry!

Our insulation experiment
Working together
Foil and cotton wool tent
Foil tent
Our foil tent
Plastic and cotton wool tent

We created the houses from the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. We discussed the materials they were made from and their properties, then got the 'big, bad wolf' to blow them down!

Building a house of bricks
Building a house of sticks
Our house of straw
Our house of sticks
Blowing them down!
Our experiment

This week we have been learning about instructions. We made jam sandwiches and had to give our partners careful instructions to help them!

Getting messy
Giving specific instructions
Listening carefully
Working together
Having a quick taste!