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Practice your handwriting, joining the letters ar together. You can use a range of colours if you would like! Join the letters together, complete 15 of these. 


This week we have been focusing on /air/ sound. There is another way to spell the /air/ sound using three letters 'are'. 

Read: share, care, dare, stare, square, glare, hare. 

Spell these words and create an exciting sentence using 1 or more of these words. 


Extension: You could add suffixes to these words to create a new word (e.g. share - sharing - shared)


Watch the points/parts of the video. Then write 3 sentences about that particular point. I will give you three different focal points. 

Sentence 1:  Noticing Sentence

Look at this part, girl tree and notice what she is doing. Describe in 1 sentence what she looks like, feels like. 

Sentence 2: Feeling Sentence

Describe how the tree feels (you can choose which tree)

Sentence 3: Contraction Sentence

Use don't, wouldn't, couldn't, didn't, shouldn't, can't, mustn't, won't.




Sentence 1: -ing Sentence 

Write a sentence in the present tense using an -ing word.

Sentence 2: because Sentence

Write a longer sentence using

Sentence 3: Looking/Noticing Sentence

Use the sense of sight to describe this point in the film. 

ROOTED by Utrecht School & Edwin Schaap



Today we will be looking at position and direction.

As a warm up, you need to know your left, right, forward and backward. With somebody at home (preferably an adult) I would like you to instruct them to a different place in your home. 

Only using the words, forward, backwards, turn right, step right, turn left, step left and stop. 

Can you direct them from the bathroom to the kitchen?

Can you direct them from the living room to the bedroom?

Can you direct them from the living room to the kitchen?


Then complete this lesson by BBC bitesize.



I would like you to make your own instrument using things from around the house. 

Once you have crafted your instrument, you need to create a rhythm. You could play fast or slow (tempo). You could play along to your favourite song or create your own song! The possibilities are endless! Record yourself and ask your parent to send it to the year 2 email address. 


Ideas for instruments

4 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Crafts you can do anytime | Fast-n-Easy | DIY Labs


Read Aloud | My Strong Mind |