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Fabulous Friday!

Here is today's picture. You can simply discuss what you can see or click the image for more ideas.

English- Literacy Shed-A Cloudy lesson, Page 13, cloudy poetry

You can also visit the poetry archive for children to listen to poetry being read aloud:  

GPS-Classroom Secrets, Year 3 and 4 spelling game 1

Maths- Friday challenge time!


Today, we would also like you to login to Timestable Rockstars and help your class to win!

Year 4 Green won by a mile last week...come on 4 Blue! You know how competitive Miss Stewart and Miss Huggins are about this competition! smiley

PSHE-BBC growth mindset. Create a poster to demonstrate what growth mindset means to you. You could do this on a tablet or laptop, display a paper copy in your window to inspire passers by or with chalk on the ground.