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This week, we have continued our skills in drawing a portrait by focusing on the nose. Experiment using a range of drawing mediums to draw a nose. You may wish to use the step-by-step example to support you in your own drawing. You will find the step by step example in a file called: Art- Nose


Chinese New Year - Year of the Tiger


Read and complete the comprehension all about Chinese New Year called: Chinese New Year


If you have coloured paper, you might like to create a Chinese lantern. Use the template and instructions to support you. The file is named: Chinese Lantern.




Read through the PowerPoint: "Geocentric or Heliocentric?" to discover how people believed our solar system was shaped. 


Complete the questions about the different people's views using the worksheet: "Geocentric or Heliocentric?"




Please read the Information about Viking Longboats to understand how the Vikings travelled.


Please complete the Viking longboat comprehension comprehension




We have selected a range of circuit activities that can be completed at home. Please work through the circuits using the attached document to explain how to do each activity - Good Luck!