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Congratulations! It is the last day of term. Normally, we would be spending this time together: playing games, watching a film, telling jokes and remembering all that we've achieved throughout the year. Unfortunately, this year, we are apart and before you can enjoy a well earned six week break, there's one final lot of work to do.

Miss Huggins and Miss Stewart.

A pride of lions:

Look at the image above. What are the animals? Where would you find them? What is a young lion called? A group of lions is called a pride. It usually has one male lion at the top and female lions, who do all the hunting and looking after the cubs. The male lions responsibility is to protect his pride. Imagine that you are a lion. It is your responsibility to either hunt or protect. Which would you rather do? Why? Is one really easier than another? Imagine that one day you come across a pride of lions. In the middle of the pride, there is an animal you did not expect to see. The lions are protecting and caring for this animal. What is the animal? Why is it there? What will the lions teach it? Write the story of how this animal came to be accepted and welcomed into the pride.


Information on lions (please be aware that the videos do contain lions hunting):

Please watch the video found at the link below.

Please complete pages 12, 13 & 14. (English - Be amazing! An inspiring guide to being your own champion by Sir Chris Hoy) (Maths: Challenges) (Music: Florence Price)