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A walk in the wilderness:

Discuss the image above. Imagine that you were the robot and came to visit humans for the first time. The world would look very strange to you. What would you do? Where would you go? Why would you do these things?

You could consider writing the internal thoughts of the robot as they travel through this "wilderness" for the first time. 


Information about robots:

Please watch the video entitled "Broken: Rock, Paper and Scissors" which can be found at the link below.

Please complete one of the activities from page 2. (English: Reading and Understanding texts) (Making amounts of money) (History: The Maya Civilisation)

At Cherry Tree, this week would have been History week. We were planning to take an afternoon out from our normal lessons to learn about a Key figure in History. As part of our Egyptian history topic, we would have learnt about Cleopatra. Please look at the links and PowerPoint below for information on her. If you like, you could complete the activities we would have completed on the day. These are: creating a portrait or Cleopatra and writing a diary entry as she learned of Mark Antony's death.

Keeping your child safe online - Pack 1