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School Games Crew

Cherry Tree School School Games Crew


  1. To encourage ownership and accountability amongst all children for play equipment at lunchtime
  2. To develop leadership, organisational and teamwork skills amongst children during lunchtimes and playtimes
  3. To develop confidence in a range of sporting roles other than that of a performer, such as coach, manager and umpire/referee
  4. To increase independence when dealing with minor conflict and resolutions amongst children.
  5. To raise the profile of the School Games and Cherry Tree House system
  6. To raise children’s confidence and self esteem through play activities.
  7. To create intraschool links with other groups within the school such as school council, house captains and teachers.

Action Plan:

  1. Target year 5 due to year 6 having other responsibilities at lunchtimes.
  2. Organise the CTSSC into the following roles:

Equipment Monitors:

To put out equipment at the beginning of lunchtime; ensure that children play safely and fairly during this time; encourage, support and coach others in different activities;  count in, collect and put away equipment at the end of lunchtime.

Key Stage 1 Peer Mentors:

To assist younger children in dealing with minor conflicts during playtimes. To monitor the friendship stop and engage with any children who are on their own or seem unhappy.

Interhouse Organisers

To liaise with the school council, PE teacher and House Captains to organise and run interhouse activities during lunchtime on a Friday.