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Year 4

Visit our page regularly to see photos of us learning, reminders of upcoming events, updates about our curriculum and copies of our home learning sheets.

Our super spellers this week are:

Mandy Bendano, Brooklyn Barnard, Aniyah Wiredu, Joshua Wahinya, Simona Virviciute, Marshall May, Melita Sabaliauskaite, Caleb Holdbrook, Kara Robinson, Anthony King.

These children have achieved their red spelling award:

Billy Hamilton, Melita Sabaliauskaite, Kasey-Mae Burns, Frankie Whelan, Kitty Parr, Matthew Fletcher, Oscar Crawford and Dean Franklin. 

These children have achieved their blue spelling award:

Caleb Holdbrook, Olivia Morgan, Stevie Jesson and Charlie Ellis

These children have achieved their green spelling award:

Chloe Allen, Bonnie Beckwith, Bailey- Mai Dillaway, Kimmylaine Gower, Anthony King, Scarlett Harding and Alex Smiles.

These children have achieved their yellow spelling award:

Naomi Akinlade,Shaun Ryan, Mandy Bendano, Harvey Anwer, Chloe-Louise Griffith, Angel Conroy, Harvey Anwer, Amber Rolph, Aleesha Wheeler, Caleb Holdbrook and Marshall May.

These children have achieved their red star spelling award:

Brooklyn Barnard, George Stoica, Aniyah Wiredu, Yordan Tsvetanov, Kara Robinson, Callum McDougall and Ronnie Poolaw.

These children have achieved their blue star spelling award:

Joshua Wahinya



Two of our Year 4's Marshall May & Yordan Tsvetanov have achieved the highest level on our whole school times table tests! We are so proud of them!

Outdoor Learning Day

Science - Hunting for bugs

Science- Teeth

Homework Heroes

Additional Home Learning (Optional)

These sheets are provided for children to complete at home if you would like them to have some further practise in using maths and English skills. You might also like to visit our Picture News page via the 'Children' tab to find additional activities focused around current events.