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Year 6

Missing you all very much.

Just a reminder - our email address is

Parents can contact us by email if they have any queries or would like to let us know how you are getting on.

Hope to see you all very soon.

 Stay safe.

Mrs. Green and Mrs. Harvey 


29.06.20 Bitesize daily lesson schedule

22.06.20 Daily schedule for BBC Bitesize

BBC bitesize schedule

BBC Bitesize schedule


A letter from Charlotte from the STM team

01.06.20 BBC Bitesize lessons


Poem for the school heroes.

So, this week should have been SATs week,

A time to shine as you show your true ability,

A time of excellence and progress,

But instead staying inside is your new responsibility.


Every moment of hard work feels unproven,

Each empty class feeling concern,

But know in the minds of your teachers and support staff,

Your hard work showed your determination and eagerness to learn.


“Work your socks off until May,

You’ll be rewarded for your effort,”

The eager chant of your teachers,

Whose ability to see the future was not present.


Fractions, decimals, percentages

Clauses, phrases and the rest,

Each term we taught you more and more,

And the work quickly became your best.


From the beginning of the school year,

We’ve told you daily-without fail,

That the tests were just a part of the story,

Of your primary school, incredible tale.


They never would have measured your humour, kindness or worth;

They couldn’t measure your sporting skill, artistic nature or passion for the earth,

The tests were a part of the story of the wonderful learners you could be,

And now at home you are proving the potential, which we could see.


Your bravery and resilience,

In a time when the world is tough,

Has left us proven in our knowledge

That you are- and always will be- enough!


From myself, Mrs Harvey and the Year 6 team,

We are proud of you Cherry Tree Year 6,

Your future will still be as wonderful,

Because your true ability the virus cannot eclipse.


Mrs Green



04.05.20 Bitesize Weekly Overview

27.04.20 Year 6 Bitesize Weekly Overview

BBC Bitesize Weekly Overview