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Welcome to the last week of term!

Hasn't time flown? It feels as though it has been a very short space of time since we welcomed you into year four and goodness, how sad it is to see you go. One final week of work is all we want you to concentrate on now. Best foot forward, the end is in sight.

Miss Huggins and Miss Stewart

The African Savanna:

Look at the image above. What do you think it would be like to be there? Why is it called a "Savanna"? Who or what might live there? Imagine that one day you went for a walk. As you walked, you heard something moving behind you in the grass. What is it? Why is it there? What does it want? Write paragraphs describing the encounter. Do not forget to include short sentences in order to build the tension.


Information on the African savanna and animals:

Please watch the video found at the link below.

Please complete one of the activities from page 2 and the activity on page 3.