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Use the information on the PowerPoint above and the word document to create your own fact file about Carl Linnaeus.

Think about what the word 'stereotype' means. If you are unsure, research what is meant by this word.


Now use this information to complete the activities on the document above. 



Look at the skipping card resource. Create your own resource using some of the exercises we have been learning about in P.E.


Don't forget to include timings and amounts.

Go through the PowerPoint looking at the information on renewable and non-renewable energy. 


Choose 3 types of energy from the information cards and make a list of positive and negatives for each one. 




Look at the PowerPoint and at the jobs which children were expected to do in the Victorian era.


Now choose 3 of the jobs, describe what they had to do and why children were used for these jobs. Once you have done this explain what job you would prefer to do out of the three.