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This week we are going to look at suffixes - they are letters that attach at the end of a word to make a new word.

Such as:





Can you come up with 5 different words for each of these suffixes.

e.g. playing, walked, slowly 



This week we will be focusing on a short animation. You will need to write 3 sentences for each picture. I will help you, by guiding you with what the sentence should entail. 








For plot point 1

Sentence 1: A looking sentence, describing what is in the room. 

Sentence 2: Action sentence of what the bunny is trying to do. 

Sentence 3: A looking sentence, describing the man. 


For plot point 2

Sentence 1: Start sentence with an -ly word. 

Sentence 2: Feeling sentence, describe how he feels when he sees the hats

Sentence 3: Describe what happens with the hand and hats. 

Pixar: Short Films #15 "Presto" (2008)

Use this video to write about your plot points..



This week you will be using BBC Bitesize or/and Oak academy for your daily lessons.