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Tuesday 25th May 2021

English-To identify the features of a play script


Today we will be identifying the features of play scripts so that we can write our own plays using The Highwayman poem.


The features we need to find are: 

Speaker names on the left

Dialogue on the right-no inverted commas " "

Stage directions in (brackets)

Description of setting in italics

Use a colon after the speaker's name


Identify each feature in the playscript attached below and consider the purpose of each feature. How do they help the actor or actress?


Wednesday 26th May 2021

English-To apply features of a play script


Today we will converting two stanzas from The Highwayman into a short play script. The two stanzas to use are attached below. The characters we will be using are Bess and The Highwayman. What would Bess say when she first saw the Highwayman? Set it out using the features we considered yesterday.


How to write a play - BBC Bitesize This link will give you some ideas.


Thursday 27th May 2021

English-To perform a play


Today we will be preparing your play to perform.


Consider how you will change your:

Tone of voice

Body language

Facial expressions

Pace and volume of speaking


Use your stage directions from yesterday to help you. If you have someone else at home, they might be able to help you by playing a character with you.

Practise your script until you know the lines off by heart. If you have some craft materials, you might even be able to create some props for your performance.



Friday 28th May 2021

English-To evaluate a performance


Today we are going to perform our plays for an audience.

If you have someone else at home, you can ask them to be the audience and watch your performance. If not, you might be able to film yourself on a phone or tablet and watch it back.


Think of two stars and a wish to evaluate your performance.

Stars: What went well?

Wish: What would you do differently next time?
















Your spelling words for this week are on the year 5 page, under 'Spellings'. You can practise them by using them in a sentence, for handwriting or by thinking of a mnemonic for the tricky ones. That is where you think of a word for each letter to help you remember it e.g. COULD: Oh U Lucky Duck.