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Monday 4th January 2021


In class we have learnt about using prepositions to start sentences.

They can be used to tell where something is, or when something has happened.


Visit this page to find out more:

Watch the two videos, then have a go at Activities 1 and 2. Good luck with the quiz!



Look around the room you are in.

Write five sentences about the room using a different preposition in each sentence.

Challenge yourself to use these prepositions if you can:

  • between

  • opposite

  • beyond

For example: The door is opposite the bed.



In class we have been using VIPERS to answer questions when watching or reading something.

We will be using this film:

Answer the questions below as you watch the film. You will need to pause it at different points. The letters in red tell you which VIPER question you are answering.


Before watching the film
• What does the word Soar mean? V
• Can we think of synonyms for soar? V E
• What do you think the film is going to be about? P

Pause the film after 48 seconds as she rests her head on her hand.
• Do you think this is the first time the girl has tried to make the plane fly? I
• What do you think she is thinking as it flies/crashes? I
• How is she feeling as she sits at the desk? I

Pause the film 1m 17s (when we see their first reaction to each other)
• What do you think she thought when the bag landed? I
• Did this change when she saw the plane? I
• How does the little man feel about the girl? I
• What do you think she would say to him? P

Pause the film at 1m 35s when he realises that his airship is broken.
• Where do you think the little man is going? I
• Do you think this was a planned stop? I
• How is he feeling at this point? I
• Predict what you think will happen next. P
• Why did the director show the girl trying to make her own flying machine in the opening
scenes? E

Pause the film at 2m 50s as he watches the other flying machines disappear over the horizon.
• What time of day is it? R I

Watch the next 25 seconds and pause on the girl slouching against the rock.
• What do you think they are saying to each other now? I
• How could we write this to show her feelings? I
• Will they give up? P
• What do you think is on the blue paper? P

Watch the film until the end.
• What is the job of the small flying men? R
• What could we call them?
• How do you think the girl is feeling as she looks up at the stars at the end? I