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Monday 04/01/21

Your task today is to write a diary entry about what you did over the holidays. Below is a check list of what to include. Remember to start your entry with "Dear Diary" and to include emotions. 

Friday 18/12/20

Today you need to carefully watch the video from the book called Belonging (link below). You need to choose one of these settings and describe it. Think what is happening in the picture, use your 5 senses to describe. Also/ remember to use expanded noun phrases. Your extra challenge is to use similes. 

Thursday 17/12/20
Yesterday you learnt all about inverted commas. Your challenge today is to write your own version of The Moon Man story. Make sure you use your knowledge of inverted commas and include expanded noun phrases to add detail. Also remember to use conjunctions. Below is a planning template so you can plan your story first. We cannot wait to read your stories so do not forget to send to use using the year 3 email
Wednesday 16/12/20

Today your task is to use inverted commas, we have looked at using these a few times in class. Below is a PowerPoint to explain how to use them. Maybe you could try and teach a family member to use them too!

There are challenges to complete after. 

Look at the top corner of the sheet

1 star = you want to practise 

2 stars = you understand how to use inverted commas 

3 stars = you would like a challenge 


Tuesday 15/12/20

In school we have been learning all about the story of the Moon Man (link below) Your task today is to create your own non-chronological report all about the Moon Man. Remember you will need a title, subheadings, facts and additions.

Here are some suggested subheadings 



-Diet (you can make this up using what you know) 


-Interesting facts

Monday 14/12/20