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Yesterday we looked at the suffix -est. To add to the end of a word to show 'the most' 

1. Practise the 'es' join

2. Then spell: darkest, laziest, deepest, lowest, shyest, fewest and chilliest.

3. Write down as many contractions as you can. Listen to the contraction song. 


Write a newspaper report explaining what happened in the street with Walter and the pigeon. You could include a quote from someone who was passing by or from Walter. 

Remember to use the 5 W (Who, What, When, Where and Why) This will help write your newspaper report. Remember reports are factual, so try and keep to the facts of the video, you might need to use your imagination for some parts. 

Pigeon: Impossible



Use BBC bitesize for your daily lesson. If you would like more, why don't you try Oak Academy. If you want to get your body and brain in check, remember you can use 'Supermovers' to do this.

Foundation Subject


Use BBC bitesize for your 1 topic lesson a day, this might include; history; geography; languages; science; art or RE. Remember you can always look back to other days if you prefer a different foundation lesson. All the lessons are saved onto the website for you to look at again.