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This week, we are learning about fractions.

Monday 4th January 2021


Open up the attached Powerpoint called 'What is a fraction?' 


There are 3 parts:

1. Information,

2. Practice questions,

3. Independent questions.


Please send the answers to the independent questions to me for feedback on how you have done. You can either type the answers in an email, or take a photo of your answers on paper, and attach that photo to an email.


Don't forget about Mathletics! There are a number of activities you can try on there. Also, try Maths live (you'll find it under the 'play' tab at the top of Mathletics. Its a great way to practice your mental strategies.


Good Luck

Mathletics Certificates

The Following children have earnt a certificate for Mathletics (these will be printed on your return to school).

Saturday 5th December 2020 - Friday 11th December Saturday 12th December - Friday 18th December
Keitan Beechey (silver) Keitan Beechey (bronze)
Sebastian Cenciu (silver) Sebastian Cenciu (bronze)
Keitan Beechey (bronze) Rylee McDougall (bronze)
Sebastian Cenciu (bronze)  
George Cooper (bronze)  
Patric Stanciu (bronze)  
Gavin Ferrera (bronze)