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Other subjects


In Geography we have been looking at maps. Your task is use the map below to help draw your very own world map. This will help you understand cartography and the scale of all the different continents and countries. 


This week is space week use the fact sheet to be a fact hunter to answer the questions. After this you can recreate a planet your materials of your choice, you might want to draw it, paint it or make it out of something. 


This week we looked at different rules. Your task is to create a spider diagram of all the different rules you follow. After this please choose three of these and write why you think these rules are needed/fair. 


This week we studied more of Jackson Pollock's painting and we looked at how his style has developed. Your task is to look at the given pictures put them into pairs according to what you think are similar. Please explain why you have paired them together you can write about the colours, materials, lines and techniques (how he painted)