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VE Day Celebration Activities

As Friday 8th May 2020 celebrates 75 years of VE day, we thought that we could also join in and complete some of the activities listed below. 

Don't forget to take picture or record what you have done and send it in to us using the year group email address. we look forward to seeing all the fantastic things you have done. 

VE Day: Create a newspaper report about VE Day

VE Day Buckingham Palace (1945)

War Pictorial News Newsreel Crowds cheer Winston Churchill, King George, Queen Elizabeth, and other members of the royal family as they appear outside Buckin...

VE day street party celebration 1945.m4v

A street party from VE Day, 1945 showing children in a fancy dress parade and eating a celebration tea.

Activity: Write a diary entry of a child on this epic event in history. Look at the clips for inspiration. 
Create a Spitfire Glider and test how far it flies. Try it using different materials such as card or newspaper - does it change the outcome?

Spitfire Glider

Why not create your own Victory in Europe poster to put in your window. Remember the posters we created for remembrance day- What skills could you use to create your poster.   

The Lambeth Walk - Year 6 WWII Workshop

The final part of a fantastic workshop by the Rainbow Theatre Company

How to Dance: The Charleston

How to Dance: The Charleston with Kevin Clifton and Karen Hauer.

Why not make a war time chocolate cake to celebrate VE Day?