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Write all the alphabet in upper case letters, remember all upper case letters touch the top line. 

We looked at /ai/ sound yesterday and the alternative way to spell that sound. There is another way to spell /ai/ sound. This spelling is usually found at the end of words 'ay'.


day, stay, stray, staying, playing, playground, Saturday, way.

Spell these words and create a sentence using 1 or more of these words. 


Once you have finished your sentences today you would have written a whole story, If you started on Monday! Please send in the stories to the email, Mr Patten and Miss Trigg would love to see them!!


Sentence 1: Noticing sentence

Using a sight sentence to describe you can see. 

Sentence 2: Using a contraction sentence

couldn't, can't, won't, shouldn't, haven't, hasn't, he'll, they're

Sentence 3: Action sentence

Describe what movement is happening. 






Sentence 1: Action Sentence

Sentence 2: Feeling Sentence

Sentence 3: Question Sentence










Now you have completed the English work for this week! Well done :) 

ROOTED by Utrecht School & Edwin Schaap



Today we are looking at turns. How you can turn and image or a direction.

Quarter turn, Half turn, Three quarter turn and full turn. 



Today to finish the week, we are going to finish with a circle time. 

I would like you to get everybody in your house to join in if they can. If not you need 1 other person. 

Together, you will all take turns to answer the questions. 


Would you rather...?

1. Would you rather have a dragon or be a dragon?

2. Would you rather be covered in mud or slime?

3. Would you rather swim in a pool of chocolate or a pool of honey?

What is your favourite?

1. What is your favourite animal? Why?

2. What is your favourite snack? Why?

3. What is your favourite song? Why? Listen to everybody's favourite song

What would you do if?

1. What would you do if you were the headteacher for the day?

2. What would you do if you were invisible?

3. What would you do if there were no trees?

If you...?

1. If you were a biscuit, which biscuit would you be and why?

2. If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?

3. If you could build your own theme park, what would it be like?

Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall

Finish the day with a story