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Playground Games

Through play, children develop and build relationships, learn social skills, de-stress and let off steam. exercise and, most of all, have fun! We are all aware that play and playing games is beneficial to children’s wellbeing; it is vital for brain building and a central part of healthy child development. A clinical report called ‘The Power of Play’ states that, ‘The most powerful way children learn isn’t only in classrooms and libraries but rather on playgrounds and in playrooms.’


In assessing our playgrounds, we noticed that children do not know how to play, other than ‘Tag’ games. We are keen to support our children in accessing positive playtimes and recognise the importance of teaching them how to play some more traditional playground games, from a young age, whilst they are most receptive to them. To support this, we have introduced the children to large group playground games which will be led by support staff at play/lunchtimes and incorporated into class PE lessons.


So you are able to talk to children about these games at home, if you wish, we have attached details of some of the playground games we introduce through the year.

We have begun using the new playground equipment this half term. We are learning to share it between ourselves and respecting the boundaries of what is meant for Y1 children and what is meant for Y2 children. So far, we have been using it well, with support from adults for group skipping and simple ball games.