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Year 2


Well done to the following children who scored full marks on their tests this week!


Michael, Lexie, Charlie, Morgana, Erin, Echo, Savannah, Louis, Younus, Melosa, Andrew, Grace, Mija, Troy, Hayden, Charlie, Ronnie, Emilia, Summer D, Rhys D, Sienna, Lucie, Rhys S, Alexis and Sofia!

Number Bonds

Summer D and Ronnie!

Times Tables


Our Curriculum

These documents provide information about our topics. The overview sets out the topics for the year, whilst the curriculum map provides more detailed information about the current topic.


Homework will be uploaded weekly to the website and available for the following 2 weeks. Homework will include a maths, English and spelling activity. Reading, number bond, spelling and times table practise are daily activities.


Capacity Investigations

Capacity Investigations 1
Capacity Investigations 2
Capacity Investigations 3
Capacity Investigations 4
Capacity Investigations 5
Capacity Investigations 6
Capacity Investigations 7
Capacity Investigations 8
Capacity Investigations 9
Capacity Investigations 10
Capacity Investigations 11
Capacity Investigations 12
Capacity Investigations 13
Capacity Investigations 14

Fairytale Puppets

Fairytale Puppets 1
Fairytale Puppets 2
Fairytale Puppets 3
Fairytale Puppets 4

Squirrel's Castle Projects

Great Bread Bake Off!

Great Bread Bake Off! 1
Great Bread Bake Off! 2
Great Bread Bake Off! 3
Great Bread Bake Off! 4
Great Bread Bake Off! 5
Great Bread Bake Off! 6
Great Bread Bake Off! 7
Great Bread Bake Off! 8
Great Bread Bake Off! 9
Great Bread Bake Off! 10
Great Bread Bake Off! 11
Great Bread Bake Off! 12
Great Bread Bake Off! 13
Great Bread Bake Off! 14
Great Bread Bake Off! 15
Great Bread Bake Off! 16
Great Bread Bake Off! 17

Maths Number Day!

Maths Number Day! 1
Maths Number Day! 2
Maths Number Day! 3
Maths Number Day! 4
Maths Number Day! 5
Maths Number Day! 6
Maths Number Day! 7
Maths Number Day! 8


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We carried out an investigation to see how far the germs in our sneezes travel. We discovered that they travelled further than we thought!


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Recording hand washing videos

Recording hand washing videos 1
Recording hand washing videos 2
Recording hand washing videos 3
Recording hand washing videos 4
Recording hand washing videos 5
Recording hand washing videos 6
Recording hand washing videos 7
Recording hand washing videos 8
Recording hand washing videos 9
Recording hand washing videos 10
Recording hand washing videos 11
Recording hand washing videos 12
Recording hand washing videos 13
Recording hand washing videos 14

Santa comes to visit!

Santa comes to visit! 1

Fenchurch Street Station Trip

Great Fire of London Workshop

Great Fire of London Workshop 1
Great Fire of London Workshop 2
Great Fire of London Workshop 3

Butterfly picture diary

Butterfly picture diary 1 Day 1
Butterfly picture diary 2 Day 2
Butterfly picture diary 3 Day 3
Butterfly picture diary 4 Day 4
Butterfly picture diary 5 Day 5
Butterfly picture diary 6 Day 6
Butterfly picture diary 7 Day 7
Butterfly picture diary 8 Day 8
Butterfly picture diary 9 Day 9
Butterfly picture diary 10 Day 10
Butterfly picture diary 11 Day 10
Butterfly picture diary 12 Day 10
Butterfly picture diary 13
Butterfly picture diary 14
Butterfly picture diary 15

Our Bug Hotel

Our Bug Hotel 1

Making potions!

Making potions! 1
Making potions! 2
Making potions! 3
Making potions! 4
Making potions! 5
Making potions! 6