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We have been looking at light sources this week. Can you look around your home to see if there are any light sources, are there any outside? 


Fun fact: the moon is not a light source, do you know why? Perhaps you could research with an adult why this might not be a light source. 


Can you build a structure (this might be out of lego or other materials) and shine a torch over it. What do you notice? Is there a shadow? Take a picture of this. Now if you go outside during the day can you see your own shadow on the floor? 



Join in with this Popcorn and Pirates themed Yoga workout:


Choose a more high-energy activity from this #ThisisPE selection to get your heart rate up:


We have been learning some gymnastics moves, could you walk on your tiptoes? Can you walk crouched down? What other ways can you move, here is an example: walking on my tiptoes very quickly. Have a go yourself. Above is a video for gymnastics. 


Watch this virtual assembly about a current news feature and interact with the questions/activities:


Head over to our Picture News page for a talk and note activity based on a current news feature:


Can you think of a special person in your life, can you draw them and write a sentence about why they are special to you. Remember to extend your sentence use the word 'because'. 


We are looking at special books, think about your favourite book and why this is special to you. Can you draw this book and write a sentence about it - can you say why. 


There are different books for different religions, do you have a special book for your religion or know of any if you do not have a religion. Why might these be special to those people or to you?